Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner’s favourite image of March 2018

Matt Pinner's Favourite Image from March 2018

Many of us in the UK thought (hoped) we might’ve seen the last of the snow for 2018 by the end of February, but March brought more. For many people it meant a day off work which they spent with the kids and their sledges, but for landscape photographers like Matt Pinner it meant another opportunity to capture an interesting image.

Following his success at Beachy Head in the snow of February, Matt once again headed to the coast, this time Durdle Dor for an unusual take on a very popular view.

Matt Pinner's Favourite Image from March 2018

Why have you chosen this image?

It’s very rare that we get snow down south and especially at such an iconic tourist attraction as Durdle Door! After getting an image of Beachy Head in the snow in February, I didn’t think I could top that, but when the snow came in March I knew I had to get to Durdle Door, and it was magnificent!

I think it could be a once in a lifetime shot.

Were there any particular challenges?

I shot this image at 8am and it was -6C with wind speed that made it difficult to walk. I had to walk over to the cliff side from Lulworth and I was a human ice cube by the time I got there, but it was worth it!

Location/Subject: Durdle Door, Dorset
Time the shot was taken: 8am
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: 17-35mm 
Exposure: 20 sec f/11

To find out more about Matt and his photography follow this link to visit his website.