Photography Tips

The best photography tips are the ones that come from years of experience, the advice that goes beyond the obvious and delves into many of the specific problems photographers face when trying to achieve different types of images.

On this page you will find all of our best photography tips, tricks and techniques to help you master your camera and take your photos to the next level! From portraits and landscapes to night photography, wildlife and more, these tutorials will help you make meaningful changes and improvements to your photography. You'll gain the confidence you need to fine tune your skills and take on more challenging subjects with your camera.

What's more, if you have some great photography tips and tricks that you would like to share, please do get in touch!

What does tripod payload mean?

Often when a new tripod is announced you will see a payload, or load capacity, listed among its headline specifications. In short, a tripod’s payload is how much weight it can withstand before it loses stability.

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How (and when) to use pull focus when filming video

Simply put, the pull focus technique enables you to switch the focus of your shot from one subject to another. I’s a way for videographers to pull the viewer’s attention from one item in a scene to another, such as during dialogue. In this tutorial we show you how to pull focus on your mirrorless camera or DSLR.

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