HOW TO... Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner’s favourite image of January 2018


Many photographers dream of being a professional landscape photographer, but delivering first-rate images day after day is a significant challenge. While this might daunt many people, it’s something that Matt Pinner relishes. He’s constantly trying to evolve his photography and pushing his boundaries.

With this in mind, Matt has agreed to select his favourite from amongst the images he’s shot each month to share with us. He’s kicking-off with this fabulous image of Longstock in Hampshire in thick frost that he shot in January.

Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner favourite image January 2018

Why have you chosen this image?

I think it shows a beautiful example of a crisp frosty morning with our picturesque New Forest. It has a really seasonal look about it. 

Where, when and why did you shoot it?

I shot this image early in the morning at beginning of January at Longstock, Hampshire. I wanted to shoot it because after visiting this location previously, I thought it had an amazing atmosphere that I wanted to capture in winter conditions.

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Were there any particular challenges?

Yes, it was -5C. My hands were absolutely frozen.

Location/Subject: Longstock, Hampshire 
Time the shot was taken: 8am
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: 17-35mm 
Exposure: 1.2 sec f/11

To find out more about Matt and his photography follow this link to visit his website.