All our accessory camera reviews are thorough and in-depth. We’ll use the kit in the type of situations that it’s designed for - and maybe in a few that it’s not - to help you make the right buying choice.

Olloclip Filmer’s Kit Review Score 85%

Olloclip Filmer’s Kit Review

iPhones are incredible devices and these days the quality of the small camera challenges many dedicated camera systems. Now the Olloclip Filmer’s Kit looks set to further enhance the iPhone with a set of dedicated optical lenses.

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Tenba DNA 15 backpack review Score 95%

Tenba DNA 15 backpack review

The Tenba DNA 15 backpack not only changed my entire perspective on bags with removable inserts but has shown me that a camera backpack can be smart and stylish and appropriate for client meetings, as well as shooting discreet street photography.

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Kingston Bolt Duo review Score 90%

Kingston Bolt Duo review

Own an iPhone or iPad? then the likelihood is that at some point you will have run out of space. What’s the answer? Traditionally, either clear out the photo’s and video or upgrade. Not any more with the Kingston Bolt Duo you can increase storage by simply plugging the device into the Lightning port.

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Removu K1 Review Score 95%

Removu K1 Review

The Removu K1 is an all-in-one camera and gimbal system that offers anyone wanting to shoot video a well-priced platform that enables you to shoot professional looking footage.

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Datacolor Spydercheckr review Score 95%

Datacolor Spydercheckr review

Color management is an essential part of the photographic process, but to be honest it’s one that most of us overlook. in the Datacolor Spydercheckr review we look at a colour management solution that will change the way you take pictures.

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Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review Score 95%

Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review

The Huawei P20 Pro is the first smartphone to use 3 cameras for its main camera unit and this plus its artificial intelligence enables it to produce the best image quality we’ve seen from a smartphone

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Snapp Guides Review Score 95%

Snapp Guides Review

The Snapp Guides app helps you find great landscape locations and plan your shoot with advice about the timing, ideal conditions and suitable camera settings.

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HEX DSLR Backpack Review Score 95%

HEX DSLR Backpack Review

The aptly named DSLR Backpack is the flagship bag in HEX’s camera backpack range, and promises the perfect balance of space and ruggedness one needs to carry a complete set of gear on one’s back for a long period of time.

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