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All our accessory camera reviews are thorough and in-depth. We’ll use the kit in the type of situations that it’s designed for - and maybe in a few that it’s not - to help you make the right buying choice.

Yi 4k+ review first look

The action camera market is increasingly crowded with competing models, and these days it takes something really special for a camera that isn't a GoPro to get recognised. One of these that has broken through the pack is the Yi 4K+, a camera that is very special, as was the Yi 4K and Yi action…

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Rotolight AEOS review Score 93%

Rotolight AEOS review

Rotolight AEOS Snap Verdict Quite unlike the mass of other LED lighting panels on the market the AEOS is aimed at both videographers and photographers alike and offers both constant and flash lighting. The powerful LEDs throw a decent fall of light and the round design creates attractive catchlights. Features such as a flash sync…

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Best cameras in 2017: what to look out for and what to buy

We help you find the best camera on the market this year We’ve been ruthless in picking the five best cameras on the market right now. The five cameras in this list represent the best you can buy across five different important categories; mirrorless (full frame), DSLR (full frame), DSLR (APS-C), mirrorless (APS-C or Four…

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SJCAM SJ7 Star review Score 87%

SJCAM SJ7 Star review

SJCAM SJ7 Star Snap Verdict One of a new generation of action cameras the SJCAM comes packed with the latest generation of processor and sensor instantly proving it’s pedigree. Metal body, robust design and large clear screen offer a great deal but it’s the image quality that really makes this camera and excellent choice. For…

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