News |Zhiyun announces MOLUS G300 COB lights

Zhiyun announces MOLUS G300 COB light

Compact high-performance lighting for film and photography


Zhiyun has just announced the launch of the Zhiyun MOLUS G300 COB Light in the UK. Designed to cater to the intricate demands of professional filmmakers and photographers, the MOLUS G300 is a testament to the evolution of studio lighting technology.

This new 300W COB light, which can be overclocked to 500W, provides an impressive peak illuminance of 20300 Lux at a colour temperature of 4300K. Despite its robust output, the MOLUS G300 remains compact and user-friendly, featuring a depth of just 8cm and a square design that enhances its portability and ease of setup.

The light’s design emphasizes both functionality and aesthetic pleasure, incorporating high-quality materials and sophisticated engineering to ensure durability and performance. It includes dual adjustment dials that allow precise control over lighting parameters and a detached light control unit with a display screen for easy adjustments, even when the light is positioned out of reach.

Among the standout features of the MOLUS G300 are its advanced cooling system, the patented DynaVort Cooling System MK2, which keeps the unit cool even when operating at maximum capacity, and its universal Bowens mount. This mount simplifies the attachment of various modifiers, making the light highly adaptable for different shooting environments.

The light’s quarter-size dimension, compared to traditional 300W video lights, does not hold back its powerful performance. It can deliver up to 15500 Lux of peak illuminance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from portrait sessions to commercial shoots. When overclocked to 500W, it can achieve the staggering 20300 Lux, ensuring optimal lighting for even the most demanding situations.

The MOLUS G300 is not only a lighting solution but a significant addition to any professional’s toolkit, offering flexibility, control, and unmatched quality. It will soon be available for purchase through Zhiyun dealers across the UK and Ireland, with a recommended retail price of £599.99 in the UK and €649.99 in Ireland.

For more details on the Zhiyun MOLUS G300 COB Light, including specifications and purchasing options, visit the official product page: Zhiyun MOLUS G300 COB Light.

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