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Landscape Photography

How to shoot a minimalist black and white landscape in the daytime

We’ve all seen them: the Zen-like, square-cropped, black and white landscapes shot over long exposures to blur the water into a frothy milk. It’s been one of the most enduring image styles of the past 10 years, and by mastering a few core photography techniques it’s quite easy to shoot an image like this for…

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6 photography techniques every beginner should learn

If you’re a new photographer you may feel daunted by the sheer volume of different photography techniques there are to learn, from setting up your camera to essential photo editing skills. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to just pick a few of the fundamentals and master those. Then, once you’ve mastered those techniques, pick a few more. We had a think about about some of the photography techniques that can both kickstart your learning and help you get creative with your compositions. Have you tried any of these?

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Best camera settings for sunsets

Everyone loves a sunset – particularly photographers. But choosing the best camera settings for sunsets can be a challenge, as you want to capture the sun’s colours as they appear to you, not how your camera thinks they should be.

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Autumn photography: 8 ways to ensure creative images

Autumn photography offers some splendid opportunities to capture a range of stunning colours and textures. In this autumn photography tutorial we’ll explain everything you need to know to compose great seasonal images.

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How to photograph a solar eclipse

In this tutorial, Aleksandar Vukićević, photographer for Dreamstime, explains how to photograph a solar eclipse from the best camera settings to use to how to focus.

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