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TetherGuard LeverLock Plate Unveiled

Innovative cable management and camera port protection solution

TetherGuard LeverLock Plate

The masters of tethered shooting have just revealed the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate. This all-new baseplate has a clever channel and clamps integrated into the design that enables the cable to be held neatly beneath the camera, taking the pressure off the camera’s port and will of course work with Tether Tools other accessories such as the TetherArca Cable Spacer that I reviewed back in 2021.

The TetherGuard LeverLock Plate is an innovation by Tether Tools and joins the company’s extensive range of tether accessories that collect around their distinctive orange cables. This new accessory enables cables to be connected and secured to a camera without the need to remove the plate, which is handy when moving around set or from one location to another. The clever bit here is the cables are inserted into the channel and then clamped gently in place; it’s then the action of mounting the base plate to the tripod that fully secures the cable in place.

The TetherGuard LeverLock Plate features a 5-Point Protection system, including a CamCleat Lever, an Anti-Slip Speed Bump, two Retention Ridges, and a cable S-Channel, all to ensure the safety of camera ports and other cables.

The LeverLock Plate is made from durable materials, although we’re not at present sure what those materials are. However, as this is from TetherTools, I expect it will be a high-quality mix of metals and plastic. This makes it suitable for various camera and cable sizes up to 6.5mm in diameter. The baseplate has been designed to be compatible with any Arca-style tripod head clamp such as the 3 Legged Thing Charles 2.0 and camera with a standard 1/4″ thread on its base.

For more details and purchasing information, visit Tether Tools’ LeverLock Plate page.

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