News |SmallRig Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cage Kit announceds

SmallRig Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cage Kit announced

Boost your Smart phone videography with this innovative, adaptable gear.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cage Kit

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a device already renowned for its impressive camera capabilities, now gets an enhancement in the form of the Mobile Video Cage Kit from SmallRig, priced at £36.75 ($46.90). This innovative setup is designed to maximize the potential of mobile videography through precision and versatility, with shipping slated to begin on May 11th.

Crafted specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the cage kit is engineered from durable aluminium alloy. It features built-in silicone pads for added grip and protection against slips and scratches. This robust frame does not obstruct access to the device’s functions, including the S Pen, maintaining full usability while offering extra security.

The kit’s adaptability shines with its compatibility across SmallRig’s HawkLock Quick Release (QR) ecosystem. It includes a range of backplates, such as a 67mm magnetic filter backplate, a T-mount, and a 17mm threaded backplate, each designed to enhance image quality by accommodating various lenses and filters. This feature is crucial for videographers looking to exploit different photographic effects and techniques.

The QR ecosystem allows for swift changes between different shooting setups. Accessories like the Rotatable Quick Release Handle Adapter and the Tripod Quick Release Adapter enable videographers to switch shooting modes quickly, thus exploring the unlimited potential of mobile videography. These components, although sold separately, integrate seamlessly with the cage, enhancing the system’s overall functionality and ease of use.

Moreover, the Mobile Video Cage Kit’s design includes multiple 1/4 “-20 threaded holes, cold shoe mounts, and QR mounts, facilitating the attachment of additional videography accessories like microphones, lights, and more. This level of customization is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike, allowing for a tailored videography experience that can adapt to a range of environments and demands.

The detailed and minimalistic design complements the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s aesthetic, while the CNC precision crafting of the cage kit underscores SmallRig’s commitment to high-quality, user-friendly products. Whether it’s for daily vlogging or capturing high-quality video for more professional purposes, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cage Kit represents a significant step forward in the integration of smartphone technology with professional-grade videography tools.

For further information and to place a pre-order, you can visit the official SmallRig website at SmallRig’s Official Site.

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