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Sony Alpha A6500 Sample Images Review

Car shot using the Sony A6500

The Sony A6000 has been one of the best selling compact system cameras of recent times and now the most recent introduction to the A6000-series, the Sony A6500 looks set to impress.

Inside the A6500 is the same sensor and processing technology as is  found in the full-frame Sony A99 Mark II. Consequently, the A6500’s 24.2Mp Exmor CMOS sensor has a stacked design and a front-end LSI chip to enhance processing power.

Like the A6300, the A6500 has Sony’s 4D Focus system with 425 phase detection AF points and a response time of 0.05 seconds.

A maximum continuous shooting speed of 11fps (frames per second) with continuous autofocusing and metering along with a buffer capacity of 269 Fine quality jpegs or 100 raw files also adds the A6500’s action-shooting credentials. I got to put it to the test a driving track at Mercedes World in Weybridge, UK.

With visibility low and the rain coming down, the conditions were challenging for any camera’s AF system.

Having just used the Sony A99 Mark II, I noticed a slight drop in the focusing speed of the A6500 with the FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS mounted, but nevertheless, the camera coped well and delivered sharp images consistently.

Unlike with the A99 Mark II, I didn’t have the opportunity to use the A6500 to shoot really fast moving cars, but my first impressions of its AF system are very good. I’m looking forward to testing it further.

Sony A6500 Sample Images (direct from camera)

Follow this link to view and download a selection of Sony A6500 images. All of the images are direct from the camera and have not been edited in any way.


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