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Sony camera rumours 2016Any early player in the digital camera market, Sony raised its game with the purchase of Konica Minolta’s camera business in 2005. Although camera development was little hit-and-miss for the first few years, the introduction of the full-frame A7 series of mirrorless system cameras in October 2013 helped Sony to secure itself a top three place in the marketplace. Sony currently offers two types of interchangeable lens camera, single lens translucent (SLT) and mirrorless. SLT models, available in full-frame and APS-C format, use the Sony A-mount while the mirrorless cameras have the Sony E mount, either full-frame (FE) or APS-C (E). While Sony’s A7 cameras have proved popular with enthusiast and professional photographers, the Sony A9 is the company’s first mirrorless model designed to compete with professional-level SLRs.

Best cameras in 2017: what to look out for and what to buy

We help you find the best camera on the market this year We’ve been ruthless in picking the five best cameras on the market right now. The five cameras in this list represent the best you can buy across five different important categories; mirrorless (full frame), DSLR (full frame), DSLR (APS-C), mirrorless (APS-C or Four…

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