News |Rode Wireless Go II gets app compatibility

Rode Wireless Go II gets app compatibility

Rode has announced software updates and a firmware upgrade to its Wireless Go II mic system to enable app control

The Rode Wireless Go II is a wireless microphone system with a small receiver that connects to the camera or recording device and a transmitter with a built-in mic that clips on the talent. Unlike the original Rode Wireless Go, the Wireless Go II is dual-channel system which means that it can record from the two transmitters in the kit on separate channels. This allows two sides of a conversation to be recorded separately.

While I loved the Wireless Go II when I reviewed it, one of my concerns was that it needs to be connected to a computer running Rode Central to change the advanced settings. That’s not ideal when you’re out in the field without a computer.

Rode has now resolved this issue with the introduction of the new Rode Central Mobile app which enables the Wireless Go II to be fully configured via a smartphone.

Rode Central Mobile is available free for Android and iOS devices.

Rode Wireless Go II

In addition, the Wireless Go II can also now be used with the Rode Connect software which was launched earlier in 2021 to facilitate podcasting and streaming using the Rode NT-USB Mini.

Extending Rode Connect’s compatibility to include the Wireless Go II means that the compact wireless microphone system can be fully integrated with podcasting or streaming software, giving users the freedom to record without cable connections.

Rode Connect allows two Wireless GO IIs to be connected to a single computer and each transmitter can be assigned its own channel so that up to four separate audio streams can be recorded. What’s more, each channel has its own level meter and mute button so that there’s control over the level of sound from each mic.

It’s also possible to use the Wireless GO II and the Rode NT-USB Mini together in Rode Connect.

Follow the link to download the new Rode Central desktop and mobile apps. The updated software facilitates the necessary firmware update for the Rode Wireless Go II. Also, follow this link to download Rode Connect.


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