Reviews |Pro GH4 user Ross Grieve on shooting with the Panasonic GH5

Pro GH4 user Ross Grieve on shooting with the Panasonic GH5 Review

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Professional photographer and GH4 user Ross Grieve is one of the few photographers who has been able to shoot with the Panasonic GH5. We caught up with him at his Pembrokeshire studio and asked him for his thoughts the new camera. This is what he had to say:

Ross Grieve

“Where do I start?

As photographers and filmmakers we are so spoilt with the choice of technology that manufactures are offering us. However on this occasion I think Panasonic has nailed it.

When I first picked up the Panasonic GH5 in December it felt like the natural progression from the GH4. I have been using Panasonic Lumix cameras for over 2 years, since moving from DSLRs.

Yes everyone is talking about how great the video performance is, which is very true. But what about looking at it from a Photographers point of view?

The improvements to the lSO performance are outstanding – Panasonic has listened to the critiques, as well as giving us a few extras. One of those which I really like is the joystick.

It may sound simple, but it makes my job easier. By pushing the joystick in it will select the centre focus point straight away, which is very useful if you need to adjust your focus point quickly.

The 20.3MP sensor, with the low pass filter removed is also a welcome surprise. The images I have had out of the camera are true to colour.

From printing from the Panasonic GX8 and GH4, I know that I will get massive prints from the GH5. The tracking is great and the improved autofocusing using Advanced DFD has increased the focus speed.

Dual Image Stabilisation 2, which corrects camera shake across 5-axis is jaw dropping. It’s one of those features you really have to experience, and consequently it will be a favourite for all photographers and filmmakers.

It just works. Its that simple, and you get up to 5 stops of compensation. You really have to experience it and you will go wow!

The Dual card slots is now standard in flagship cameras so this was no surprise.

Carrying around two GH5 to shoot with didn’t seem heavy either, so for comfort that box is ticked too.

The GH5 is proof that when a company listens to people on the ground, combined with the technology and knowhow of a global brand, then you are always going to be on to something great.”

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