Pisofttech launches Pilot Era with in-camera 8K 360 stitching

Pisofttech launches Pilot Era with in-camera 8K 360 stitching

3D imaging software company Pisofttech has made its debut in the 360 camera market, launching the Pilot Era which can shoot 8K spherical video that’s stitched in-camera.

Debuting at CES this week, the Pilot Era boasts four lenses that record 8K 360 videos at 25fps. Alternatively, you can record 4K spherical videos at 60fps.

Most importantly, though, this 8K video is stitched in-camera, making the Pilot Era the first 360 camera to do this. This will eliminate many of the post-processing headaches that have come with other high-resolution 360 cameras that require rendering on the computer.

In our GoPro Fusion review, for instance, we found that it took hours to render a 5.2K 360 video even on a high-spec Macbook. So the Pilot Era sounds very promising on that front.

Each of the Pilot Era’s four cameras is accompanied by an f/2.2 fisheye lens, and the company says built-in stabilisation based on its software algorithms provides smooth footage.

Pisofttech says the Pilot Era also boasts both WiFi and 4G, which you can use for live-streaming video (in 4K; live 8K video isn’t available). It also offers real-time stitching for 6K spherical video.

No official Pilot Era price tag has been confirmed as yet, but Digital Trends reports that it is expected to fetch in the region of $3,000.