Macphun’s new Luminar photo editing software will receive updates with new features every one to two months in 2017, as well as a version for PCs, the company has announced.

In a blog post on the company’s website, Macphun COO Alex Tsepko set out his vision for the software stating that on December 18 the company will add batch processing and a range of new filters to the software.

This follows recent updates of TouchBar support and raw processing.

What’s more, Macphun plans to update Luminar every 1-2 months in 2017, with Digital Asset Management and a Windows version for PC users headlining the list.

The updates are all free for current customers, Macphun says, and the company claims its software already boasts more photo editing tools than Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom.

Macphun says it will also be rolling out new photo contests and a series of Luminar training sessions, presets and workspaces from pro users of the software.


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