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HOW TO... Macphun Luminar software is customisable and adapts to your skill level

Macphun Luminar software is customisable and adapts to your skill level

Macphun has announced its new Luminar editing software, an ambitious new photo editing tool that is designed to adapt to its users’ skill levels and personal preferences.

Macphun Luminar’s user interface is fully customisable and allows its users to re-design the interface according to the task at hand, whether it’s a quick fix or a more advanced editing procedure.

Luminar also comes equipped with 35 imaging filters, such as Tone & Tone & Exposure, Bi-Color, Photo Filter Emulation, Cross-Processing and Detail Enhancement, each offering multiple points of adjustment to fine-tune the look of an image.

You can also save your adjustments to these filters as a new preset to sit alongside the 50 other presets that come with Luminar. These 50 range from Portrait to Street, Drama, Outdoor and other classic situations.

As you become more experienced with the new Macphun photo editing software you can turn on more advanced options to take on more involved procedures like masking and blend modes.

Macphun Luminar offers a range of masking tools, such as an adjustable editing brush, radial mask and gradient mask.

Masking operations can be applied to layers or to individual filters.

Other features include a newly designed non-destructive workflow that allows users to change the order of their applied filters at any time in the editing process. And a new History feature let you check all the steps of the editing process, and revert back to any stage.

The Macphun Luminar price tag will be $59 for all new users and $49 for those who have purchased Macphun software in the past.

Luminar is available for pre-order on 2 November 2016, with a launch date on 17 November.


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