News |H&Y: The RevoRing is just the start

H&Y: The RevoRing is just the start

H&Y's global marketing manager says there's more to come

H&Y: RevoRing campaign just the start

H&Y recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring a new variable-size circular filter adapter and a variable neutral density filter (VND) combined with a circular polarizing (CPL) filter on a variable-sized mount to market.

We received a final sample of the filter adapter and a very early version of the VND/CPL filter to test, and we were impressed. The Revoring variable-size filter adapter looks set to put an end to step-up rings and the perennial search for the correct size while the Revoring with VND+CPL could be a great solution for photographers and videographers who need a filter that they can swap quickly between lenses.

We spoke to Dan Waite, the person behind the global Kickstarter campaign to get some background on the adapter and filter development and hear something about future plans. It seems that we can expect to see the adapter and filters in more sizes and, with luck, there could even be an adapter and filter holder combo that enables the variable-size adapter concept to be used with square/rectangular filters. That would make using it with graduate filters feasible.

For full details, watch the video below, which was recorded via Zoom.

Take a look at or back the H&Y Revoring Kickstarter campaign


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