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H&Y Revoring Review

It's time to leave all those step-up rings behind

H&Y Revoring review

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Our Verdict

Every so often a product comes a long that makes you wonder why it took so long. H&Y did it before with its magnetic filter frame and now it’s done it again with the Revoring.
The H&Y Revoring has just launched on Kickstarter and the campaign is well worth checking out using the links in our review.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • High build quality
  • Replaces several step-up rings


  • Not yet available - delivery is set for November 2020
  • You may need more than one Revoring depending upon your lens range
  • Circular filters don't make great graduated filters

What is the H&Y Revoring?

The H&Y Revoring is a filter adapter for circular filters that has just launched on Kickstarter with an anticipated delivery date on November 2020. However, we’ve had a sample to test for a few weeks.

What’s clever about the H&Y Revoring is that it has a variable size. That means that instead of having to rummage through a load of step-up rings to mount your filter on your lens, you screw your filter onto the Revoring and then adjust its size to fit your optic.

H&Y makes the Revoring in three sizes, 37-49mm, 46-62mm and 67-82mm. Consequently, if all your lenses have a filter mount of between any of those sets of values, you only need one Revoring. If, however, your lenses span more than one range, you’ll need additional Revorings and different sized filters.

The 37-49mm H&Y Revoring accepts 52mm filters while the 46-62mm Revoring takes 67mm filters and the 67-82mm Revoring accepts 82mm filters.

If, for example, your lens has a filter thread of 72mm, you need the 67-82mm H&Y Revoring and an 82mm filter.

Take a look at or back the H&Y Revoring Kickstarter campaign


  • Product type: Universal filter adapter
  • Launched: 29th June 2020 on Kickstarter
  • Size: 37-49mm for 52mm filters, 46-62mm for 67mm filters and 67-82mm for 82mm filters
  • Construction: Anodised aluminium
H&Y Revoring review


The H&Y Revoring has two knurled rings which when twisted in opposite directions, closes the iris mechanism a bit like the aperture blades inside a lens.

To mount the Revoring on a lens, you simply twist the rings to close the aperture so it’s smaller than the filter mount of the lens, hold it to the end of the lens and release. The mechanism springs back so that the lipped edge of the iris latches onto the lens’ filter thread.

Build and Handling

H&Y has used black anodised aluminium to make the Revoring filter adapter and it gives it a good solid feel without being too heavy or chunky.

The twist mechanism is quite tight, so you need a firm grip to close down the mount, but that gives you confidence about its grip. As you release the mechanism, the ring expands back out and grips onto the lens nice and firmly. It’s far easier and quicker than threading on a circular filter or a step-up ring, or attaching the average square filter mount.

Of course, the biggest time saving is that you don’t need to rummage a collection of step-up rings to find the right one.

I find that circular filters thread easily onto the H&Y Revoring. As usual, however, you have to be careful to not overtighten them – especially if you’re using a variable ND or polarising filter as they have a rotating mechanism.

H&Y Revoring review

Take a look at or back the H&Y Revoring Kickstarter campaign


H&Y has once again looked at photographic and video filters from a different angle. It was the first to the market with magnetic filter mounts and the Revoring is similarly innovative. I love the speed and ease with which you can mount a filter onto a lens using the Revoring.


The next step is surely a magnetic version that lets you snap on circular filters?


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