GoPro Fusion firmware: how to do a manual update

GoPro Fusion Settings menu

Updating WiFi-enabled cameras like the GoPro Fusion is very easy these days. Often you simply need to load the companion app on your phone, connect to the camera and tap a button to install the firmware. But sometimes apps themselves aren’t available or don’t support your device, and in these instances you’ll need to do a manual update.

At the time of writing in February 2018 GoPro has just updated its Android app to support the Fusion, but even still it does not support a wide range of devices.

As a Fusion and Huawei Mate 10 Pro user (my phone isn’t yet supported), I had to perform a manual firmware update on the Fusion to add GoPro’s latest round of features and bug fixes.

In this quick tutorial I’ll explain step by step how to do a manual update on the GoPro Fusion.

How to manually install a firmware update to the GoPro Fusion

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your Fusion over on GoPro’s website. Not only does this get you access to the firmware update, but GoPro will then notify you via email whenever a new update is available.
    How to manually install a firmware update to the GoPro Fusion
  2. You’ll need your serial number to register the camera. You can find your Fusion’s serial number printed next to the USB Type-C charging port.
  3. GoPro will then prompt you to download the firmware update to your computer. This will be a zip file that you’ll find in your Downloads folder – or wherever you normally designate downloads to sit. The zip file will literally be named
  4. Now comes the slightly confusing part. As you probably know, if you’ve set up your GoPro Fusion already, the camera requires two microSD cards. The Update file needs to be physically added to microSD Card 1. If you’re wondering how you tell, GoPro handily prints some arrows on the Fusion’s battery to help you identify cards 1 and 2. Remove microSD Card 1 from the Fusion and place it in a card reader. NOTE: make sure your Fusion is powered off during this process.
    GoPro Fusion firmware: how to do a manual update
  5. Next you’ll want to plug that card reader into your computer. Just leave it there for now.
  6. Navigate to your Downloads folder (or wherever your downloads default to) and find the Update file. When you see the file, click on it to expand the zipped files. You should now see a folder appear, which is also called Update.
  7. Now look for your microSD card in your side menu of storage devices. You’ll then want to drag the Update file from your Downloads onto microSD Card 1 and eject the card reader.
    Place microSD Card 1 back into its card slot, close the compartment door and power on the Fusion. NOTE: microSD Card 2 must also be in the camera in order for the update to work.
  8. What happens next can vary, but generally your Fusion will make a series of beeps and the camera will turn off and back on several times. You’ll see a camera icon on the Fusion’s display screen with a number indicating the progress of your manual update. Eventually you will see a check mark appear. This indicates the manual update of your GoPro Fusion is complete.