HOW TO... Your mind will break as this glass shatters at 343,915 frames per second

The Slo Mo Guys have made their cult following on YouTube by creating visually arresting slow-motion videos of everything from flame throwers to exploding watermelons to smashing spraypaint cans. In their latest video they managed to push the limits – even for them – and record their fastest high speed photography frame rate yet.

In this video, the Slo Mo Guys, Gav and Dan, captured this glass jug shattering at an amazing 343,915 frames per second.

Naturally, they’ve produced their slowest ever video to demonstrate it. How slow is it? When played back, 5.1 seconds translates into 19.5 hours of slow-motion video.

To capture the stunning high-speed sequence the pair used a Vision Research Phantom V2511 camera, which can capture 25,600 frames per second at 1280 x 800 resolution.


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