News |Nikon ‘4-eye’ camera could boast 4 lenses, 4 sensors

Nikon ‘4-eye’ camera could boast 4 lenses, 4 sensors

Nikon ‘4-eye’ camera could boast 4 lenses, 4 sensors

Nikon has filed a patent for a ‘4-eye’ multi-aperture computational camera that will boast four lenses and four image sensors.

The first computational camera was launched last year with Light’s L16, which employs 16 separate camera modules to capture 52-megapixel images.

As well as bigger images, computational cameras are also able to perform better in low light.

Nikon’s patent shows a similar compact camera that features four lenses situated on the front of the camera.

Nikon ‘4-eye’ camera

Image via Nikon Rumors

These lenses are thought to bend the light onto sensors place on the sides of the camera body.

The Nikon 4-eye camera would then combine the images from each sensor into a larger, higher resolution image.

No announcement or release date seems imminent, but given that Nikon has filed a patent to develop its own multi-aperture computational camera, it suggests we could be seeing a lot more of these in the near future.

Via PetaPixel, Nikon Rumors


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