News |broncolor launches Litepipe P

broncolor launches Litepipe P

broncolor launches Litepipe P

broncolor has launched a new light shaper, the broncolor Litepipe P continuous light for professional photographers.

The Litepipe P is comprised of five components, which can be assembled in less than a minute, broncolor claims.

A tube-shaped diffuser that is the centrepiece of the system can be rolled up for portability, and everything fits into a small pack.

The Litepipe P delivers a homogenous light, which can be altered and includes two counter-reflectors. broncolor says the visible light section can be changed easily, and the Litepipe P can serve as a natural ambient light when the counter-reflectors aren’t being used.

The Litepipe P is compatible with the Pulso G, Unilite, Litos and MoiLED broncolor lamps, as well as the Siros monolight.

For more information, visit broncolor’s website.


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