Rotolight AEOS Snap Verdict

Quite unlike the mass of other LED lighting panels on the market the AEOS is aimed at both videographers and photographers alike and offers both constant and flash lighting.

The powerful LEDs throw a decent fall of light and the round design creates attractive catchlights. Features such as a flash sync port for wireless flash capabilities for photographers and lighting effects modes for videographers elevate the AEOS above the competition.

For Rotolight AEOS

  • Powerful illumination
  • Built in flash
  • Temperature adjustment

Against Rotolight AEOS

  • Battery is an additional cost
  • No app connection
  • Flash not as powerful as traditional units

Based at the world famous Pinewood studio’s Rotolight has established itself as a dominant force in film and photography lighting. Driven forward by an impassioned team that have innovated to produce a series of great looking constant lights that offer true versatility for today’s photographers.

The AEOS is the latest Pro level light from the company, it packs in a formidable feature set that will appeal equally to stills and video photographers, offering both a powerful constant light source and flash.


The AEOS follows Rotolights instantly recognisable round design that enables the unique fall of light that only rotolight lamps create. This circular design creates round catchlights in eyes which look far more attractive than the square effect that are more commonly associated with the more usual square or rectangular panels.

This shaping is why Rotolights previous generations of lights have become so popular with portrait and location photographers. The light is an LED panel and features the ability to adjust the colour temperature from 6300-3150k.

The overall design measures 29.5 x 29.5 x 2cm and weighs in at 1.4kg, around the outer edge there are two aluminium handles that make it easy to hold or direct as needed. When it comes to positioning there are several screw threads so the supplied Pro Ball Head or other standard tripod head can be attached.

At full power the AEOS is able to produce an impressive 5750 lux at 3ft and the colour rendering of that light is CRI>96, Tlci 91 which Rotolight state is best in class. As well as the constant light the AEOS’s LEDs are also able to produce a flashlight and this supports High Speed Sync (HSS). When used as a flash the AEOS can be fitted with any normal wireless flash trigger or hardwired if you so wish.

Constant and flashlight in one unit is good but the AEOS also features a range of effects modes that will appeal to videographers, these enable you to simulate fire, lighting, TV illumination amongst a host of other effects. As with all Rotolight lights there’s also a range of filters that can be added for different effects and accessories such as barn doors that can be fitted to better control the light.

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Power is supplied by either battery or mains, in the kit the mains is supplied and the battery is of the V lock type which would need to be purchased separately.

The first thing you notice about Rotolight products is the attention to detail and quality. Everything about the unit is tight in the design, nothing is there without a reason and the products really do mix style with utility.