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3 Legged Thing unveils three monopods

3 Legged Thing lance

3 Legged Thing has launched a trio of new monopods for wildlife, aviation, and sports photographers, as well as videographers. The monopods are designed to offer a stable yet mobile alternative to tripods that’s especially useful when using long lenses and in confined spaces.

The company’s COO, Stuart Boston, said: “We’re delighted to expand our range of monopods to offer our customers even more choice. These 3 new models take inspiration from our current best-sellers, add refined features and include handy wrist straps for added security.”

The newly unveiled monopods are:

3 Legged Thing Taylor 2.0

3 Legged Thing Taylor 2.0

Named in honour of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, this travel-friendly monopod is part of 3LT’s Punks range. Despite weighing just 677g, it can support up to 30kg. This monopod extends up to 1.58m and folds to a compact 44cm. Available in Metallic Blue and Darkness (matte black).

3 Legged Thing Alana

3 Legged Thing Alana

Part of the Legends series, this monopod is named after skateboarder Alana Smith and is ideal for travel. It supports up to 60kg, extends to 1.58m, and collapses to 44.8cm. It’s available in Slate Grey and Darkness.

3 Legged Thing Lance

3 Legged Thing Lance

Also in the Legends series, this monopod is named after skateboarder Lance Mountain and is designed for photographers needing greater height. It extends to 2.02m and supports up to 60kg. It’s available exclusively in Darkness.

Key features

All three monopods come with a spring-loaded dual thread on top, a non-removable rotating wrist strap for extra security, and a textured rubber grip. They also can function as boom arms, supporting lights or microphones.

Optional Kits:

The monopods can be purchased individually or as part of a kit with 3 Legged Thing’s Docz foot stabilizer, which doubles as a mini tripod.

3 Legged Thing Taylor, Alana and Lance prices

Taylor 2.0 £79.99 / US $89.99 (monopod only), £119.99 / US $139.99 (monopod kit with Docz)
Alana £129.99 / US$149.99 (monopod only), £169.99 / US$199.99 (monopod kit with Docz)
Lance £129.99 / US$149.99 (monopod only), £169.99 / US$199.99 (monopod kit with Docz)

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