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3 Legged Thing DOCZ 2 Review

Docz 2 review

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Snap Verdict

The DOCZ2 is one of two things, a foot for your monopod and an ultra-solid mini tripod; either way it’s incredibly useful.

The build is ultra tough with a mix of materials that look great and give the DOCZ2 an ergonomic and slightly industrial style.

It can be used as a stabiliser foot for a monopod for either the 3LT Trent or Alan with a 1/4-inch thread that screws directly in.

The small built-in head features a lock so that the head can move or be locked in the horizontal and the friction of the movement is controlled with the small foot underneath.

In use, the DOCZ 2 works well with a few refinements over the original. That change is small but significant replacing the 3/8-inch thread for a 1/4-inch thread.

For such a small device, it’s incredibly useful and gives you that extra element of support when just using a monopod.

What is the 3 Legged Thing Docz2?

These days few tripod manufacturers truly stand out, but amongst the crowd 3 Legged Thing with their brightly coloured tripods, bold graphics and attention to aesthetic design manage it.

Aside from the tripods, 3 Legged Thing is one of the few companies to look at the bigger support picture with the Ellie L-Bracket and this, the DOCZ 2.

This small tripod foot has a dual purpose, and while the original was designed purely as a monopod foot, the latest update sees a small but significant change that significantly extends the functionality.


As you can imagine for something so small, the list of features isn’t scrolled length, but here you go.

It has an open height of 8.5cm and folded length of 16.5cm, the maximum diameter when the foot is open is 29.5cm, and it can take a load capacity of 20kg.

The DOCZ 2 is small, but it’s no lightweight, and before you ask despite it being able to be used as a micro tripod it’s far from and a very different product to the Iggy. It weighs in at 531g.

The significant change between the DOCZ and the DOCZ 2 is the thread which sees a change from 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch. This change means that it bolts directly into the base of a camera if needed.

If you do need the 3/8-inch to screw, then there’s an adapter in the box.

Build and Handling

There’s one word for the build and construction of the DOCZ 2 and that’s robust. Under the bombproof plastic aesthetic covering there’s a sturdy all-metal construction.

The compact ball head is simple but when locked holds solid and when released, as long as a monopod is attached, moves smoothly enabling smooth panning.

The DOCZ 2 is small but by no means compact and has two very defined uses.

DOCZ 2 Review

Firstly as a micro tripod for your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. The 1/4-inch thread on the base enables you to bolt your camera on and get shooting quickly.

The small collar above the ball head can be released or tighten to enable or restrict the movement of the head. It’s a simple mechanism, but it works.

Under the crown is small rubber foot, this isn’t designed for additional support but rather unscrewing frees up the friction of the head enabling smoother movement.

The design is incredibly simple, and while the small ball head might not be as refined as a dedicated micro tripod head it can hold far more weight, and there’s no arguing that it does the job.

The traditional use for the DOCZ 2 was as a Monopod foot either for the Trent or Alan of which the DOCZ 2 can be bought as part of a kit, but equally, it can be bolted into the base of any monopod leg with a 1/4-inch thread.

Its use isn’t just isolated to monopods, and during the test, I used it in combination with the Winston.

Either way, the ability to lock off the head as vertical support for the video was handy and with the head released it worked well for photographing wildlife.

The additional stability offered by the DOCZ 2 just added that extra element of support which makes a big difference.

3LT Docz2 review verdict

DOCZ 2 is a seemingly minor update to the DOCZ, but the swap in thread size opens up the use of this small product.

Used as a monopod foot, it excels adding support when needed shooting stills. Used for video it again adds much-needed support but also helps guide you to keep things level, something that’s tricky to do with a standard monopod.

Released from the monopod and the small legs act as a solid heavyweight micro tripod that’s able to hold pretty much any lens and combo you could imagine.

As ever with 3LT the look is distinct and you’ll either love it or hate it, but it can’t be argued that the DOCZ 2 does the job it’s designed to do exceptionally well.