News |Wex Photo Video Announces Women in the Industry Event

Wex Photo Video Announces Women in the Industry Event

Wex Photo Video Announces Women in the Industry event

In a move to showcase the work of female photographers and cinematographers, Wex Photo Video has announced a ‘Women in the Industry’ event. It will feature a series of workshops, presentations, photo walks and seminars that will take place simultaneously on Friday 28 September 2018, at locations from Edinburgh to Belfast to London.

Speakers will include award-winning food, fashion and architectural photographers as well as respected professional filmmakers.

Wex’s events coordinator Tiffany Tangen, says, “Here at Wex, we want to celebrate some of the incredible female photographers and videographers we work with every day. This new initiative creates a unique platform for them to showcase their immense talents, while sharing their knowledge and experience with others.”

According to Tangen, this is just the start of the more diverse range of activities that we will see from Wex Photo Video.

The aim is to challenge the norm, by engaging female speakers and booking more male models for shoots to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

Angela Nicholson, founder of women’s photography network SheClicks and Camera Jabber, said, “One of the reasons behind the SheClicks Facebook group is to enable women to learn from other female photographers, and it’s great that Wex has recognised that the industry needs to change if it’s to become more inclusive. Events like Women in the Industry are an important step forward and one that I welcome wholeheartedly.”

Verity Milligan, who will host a photo walk in Bristol as part of the programme, said, “Events like this are a fabulous way to raise awareness of women working in an often male-dominated industry, and will hopefully provide inspiration and motivation for other talented photographers.”

Changing Times

Speaking about the need for such events, wildlife photographer Ellie Rothnie, commented, “When I first started out as a wildlife photographer, I was struck by just how few female role models there were. I’m delighted to say this situation has massively improved in recent years and I now find myself guiding trips where, in a growing number of cases, half the guests are women. This will only continue to improve if we actively support and celebrate the success of female wildlife photographers and filmmakers and provide positive role models for the future. This first Women in the Industry event is tremendous news for everyone involved in photography and filmmaking.”

Gigi Umbrasaite, fashion photographer, added, “I am honoured to be invited to take part in this event. In a previously male-focused industry, it’s encouraging to see how it has all started to change. I am grateful to be able to share my own journey, and through activities like this, to encourage other women to be proud of their work and their career.”

Women in the Industry speaker line-up on 28 September 2018

Belfast – Calumet Photographic, Boucher Road, Belfast
10.00 Seminar with Helen Sloan – official photographer for Game of Thrones

London – Wex Photo Video, Commercial Road, London E1
10.00 Seminar with Ellie Rothnie – wildlife photographer
12.00 Seminar with Martine Hamilton-Knight – architectural photographer
14.30 Seminar with Gigi Umbrasaite – fashion photographer

Glasgow – Wex Photo Video, Oakbank Industrial Estate, Glasgow
10.00 Workshop with Natalia Poniatowska – art photographer

Birmingham – Wex Photo Video, 100 Hagley Road, Birmingham
10.00 Seminar with Marianne Chua – documentary wedding photographer (sponsored by Fujifilm)

Bristol – Wex Photo Video, Montpelier Central, Station Road, Bristol
10.00 Photo walk with Verity Milligan – landscape photographer

Norwich – Wex Photo Video, Frenbury Estate, Norwich
10.00 Masterclass with Esther Ling – food photographer (sponsored by Panasonic)

Edinburgh – Wex Photo Video, Bonnington Business Centre, Edinburgh
10.00 Seminar with Sophie Gerrard – documentary photographer

Manchester – Wex Photo Video, Downing Street Industrial Estate, Manchester
14.00 Seminar with Tania Freimuth – DOP and cinematographer (sponsored by Canon)

Follow the link for full details of each seminar and to book

Wex Photo Video Announces Women in the Industry Event
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Wex Photo Video Announces Women in the Industry Event
Eight events featuring female photographers and filmmakers are set to take place simultaneously across the UK on 28th September
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