Western Digital to launch microwave-powered 40TB drives by 2025

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Western Digital has announced it has developed a new process that will allow it to harness microwave technology to create hard drives with disk capacities up to 40 terabytes.

The storage giant said that with its new microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) technology, it will start churning out massive storage systems by 2025.

MAMR will allow WD to record data at higher densities using a new type of drive head called a spin torque oscillator.

This generates a microwave field that allows data to be written at a lower magnetic field than the drives you may be using now, thus allowing WD to cram more data into the same space.

If you’re trying to get your head around how that works, just know this: it means the cost of storage space is about to come down considerably.

Western Digital will start rolling out its MAMR drives for data centres and cloud storage companies in 2019, from which it will then start drip-feeding into consumer use.

Via Engadget

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