How much photo storage do you really need?

From the cloud to innovative new external hard drives, there are plenty of photo storage options for photographers to choose from. But how much space do you really need for your archive? We run the numbers and show you how to tell…

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Verbatim unveils new Store ’n Save 8TB hard drives

Verbatim has launched a new range of Store ‘n’ Save SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drives with up to 8TB of data capacity. At the same time, the storage maker has also unveiled its highest capacity portable hard drive, a 4TB version of its popular Store ‘n’ Go Portable Hard Drive family.

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ADATA’s tough drive, an ideal solution for photographers

ADATA has announced a new ultra slim hard drive the HC660. Robust storage solution for photographers The small size and the two large capacity options for this drive instantly make it an appealing proposition for photographers. At just 9.6mm thick it won't bulk out your kit bag with it's slim profile enabling it to comfortably slot into a side…

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