News |UPDATED: We bought the new entry level GoPro Hero camera, spotting it on sale before its launchs

UPDATED: We bought the new entry level GoPro Hero camera, spotting it on sale before its launch

We bought the new entry level GoPro, spotting it on sale before its launch


Sure enough, a few hours after we spotted the GoPro Hero on sale, the company made an official announcement of its new entry-level action camera. Things we’ve learned since the launch:

  • the GoPro Hero US price tag will be $199; we paid £199 here in the UK
  • the GoPro Hero does not incorporate the company’s new home-grown GP1 processor and instead uses the old Ambarella chip that GoPro moved away from with the Hero6 Black
  • the GoPro Hero fits all the same mounts and accessories you may have used with other GoPro Hero Black cameras
  • the GoPro Hero employs digital video stabilisation

Ali has now been shooting with the new action camera, follow the link to read his GoPro Hero 2018 Review

Our post from earlier today

The rumours are true, a new entry-level GoPro Hero camera is due for an imminent launch… and we have one! We found the new entry-level GoPro Hero on sale in a retail shop ahead its rumoured release date this weekend and bought it before it was taken off the shelves.

Camera Jabber’s action camera expert Ali Jennings happened to be in the shop picking up another piece of equipment when he spotted the new entry-level GoPro Hero camera sitting on a shelf next to the Hero5 Black.

After doing a double take, he asked the staff if this was the new entry-level GoPro Hero camera with a £199 price tag. The staff member confirmed it was, and said it arrived in-store only 30 minutes prior.

Ali asked the staff if he could buy the GoPro Hero camera and pointed out that it hasn’t been announced yet. The staff told him the GoPro Hero was for sale, and he paid for it.

Within minutes of his purchase Ali says he saw staff removing the other entry-level GoPro Hero action cameras from the shelf.

So unless someone else has had his good fortune, Ali is the only person in the UK right now to have the new GoPro Hero camera.

From the images above you can see that all of the rumoured specs are indeed true.

GoPro Hero camera official specs

GoPro Hero camera official specs

  • 1440p video at 60p
  • 1080p video at 60p
  • 10-megapixel stills
  • waterproof to 10m / 33ft
  • voice control
  • touchscreen
  • QuikStories compatible

GoPro Hero camera: what's in the box

Inside the GoPro Hero camera’s box is the camera, a skeleton cage and the battery. Ali says the new GoPro Hero camera has the same form factor as recent Hero Black cameras. In fact, it’s body is identical to the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black cameras.

At the time of writing Ali is rushing home (at a sensible speed, because there’s always time for safety) to shoot a quick unboxing and start taking a deeper look into what the GoPro Hero camera can do.

Expect more from us soon… In the meantime, Ali wrote this morning on why he believes the GoPro Hero camera will be a big success for the company despite no 4K. And here are some more pictures.

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