What is the GoPro Hero 2018?

The GoPro Hero 2018 has arrived and we’ve snapped-up a sample to crack-on with our GoPro Hero review. On the surface, it looks identical to the Hero5 and Hero6 Black but it’s half the price.

However, it’s still double the price of many other entry-level action cameras. Can the Hero 2018 really appeal to the mass market at the price? 

Let’s not forget that the Hero isn’t the first entry-level Hero camera from GoPro. A GoPro Hero entry model appeared in 2014 and  met with limited success. With touch screen and voice control and we think it’s going to be a runaway success.



The design of the GoPro Hero 2018 is identical to the GoPro Hero6. You can only tell the difference by the HERO logo without a version number printed on the side.

As with the 5 and 6 the Hero features a cage system waterproof down to 10m.

GoPro Hero Review

The touchscreen is the same 2-inch affair as we’ve seen before. All the buttons are in the same position as on the Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black. As with the 5 and 6 the lens can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

The feature list is pretty short. GoPro Hero is designed to be used rather than faffed around with, meddling with settings. It’s apparent that this is a stripped down GoPro for those who just want to get out and have fun.

GoPro Hero Resolution

The sensor in the Hero 2018 hasn’t been announced, but suffice to say it’s not the GP1 chip. If it is the GP1, then it’s been massively restricted. The resolution options are 1440 or 1080, but there is no 4K video mode. Each resolution offers a frame-rate of either 30 or 60fps.

As well as video mode there’s Photo, Burst, Time Lapse Video and Time Lapse Photo. Time Lapse photo is only available at 1080p.

Photos can only be taken at 10mp. This limit on options continues through the rest of the camera with each mode offering a short list – if any.

The lens has the usual wide GoPro field of view that gives footage the distinctive fish-eye look. However, in each of the resolution options, you have the choice of Wide, Medium or Narrow field of view.

Audio on the GoPro Hero is impressive with similar if not the same mic’s placed around the body as with the GoPro Hero 6. It’s unclear through the literature available as to how many mic’s are placed in and around the GoPro.

Alongside the shooting modes, you also have the option to switch on basic video stabilisation and Auto Low Light mode. Although the design is the same as the Hero6, the camera is not (at the time of writing) compatible with the Karma Drone or Grip.

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