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Wasp 4K action camera review

Wasp 4K

The new Wasp 4K action camera has all the big hit headline features 4k, GPS, LCD screen and Wifi, but its not the features that makes it stand out, rather it’s the ultra tough ready for anything design. It’s box style might look GoPro, but after a few seconds with it you realise the only comparison you can make between the GoPro and Wasp when it comes to design is that it’s a box, albeit a box on steroids.

Ultra tough 4K action camera

The Wasp is an action camera more ready for action than any camera we’ve seen. It’s headline feature is the 4K resolution at 25 fps, but in reality that gets overlooked when you get this camera in your hands.

Wasp 4KInitial impressions are that it’s solid build and the housing all feels a little over the top and bulky, but then you realise that the housing isn’t actually a housing it’s part of the camera. This all in one design means that it is fully waterproof to 30m.

The exterior does have a couple of useful features including the standard GoPro style mount on the base, then on the side an additional slot enables a side mounted GoPro adapter to be fitted as well, giving plenty of mounting options.

On the side is a screw in bung that covers the USB, the USB is not the usual USB Mini A or USB Micro B that we often find on action cameras and is instead of a non standard 8-pin type. The screw in design of the bung keeps a good waterproof seal around the port when submerged.

The Wasp can’t be described as elegant, but packed inside the ultra tough feeling exterior is an incredible array of features including; GPS, G-Sensor, Full HD at 60fps, 20mp photo’s, Wi-Fi and that’s just the start of the list.

Compared with the latest action cameras that are appearing the bombproof styling really is something a bit different. Looking over the camera shows that every part of the case is there for a reason.

On the front is the lens filter with the traditional bolt on style rather than the newer easy wipe clean style adopted by GoPro from the Hero3+. Normally this older style of design would be an issue, but here it makes sense as the isn’t just part of a case but it’s part of the camera.

If the lens does get scratched then it needs to be changed and this is the simplest way to do it. Although I understand why I’m still not a fan of the bolt style especially as we head in to another muddy winter.

The lens itself provides a wide 170 degree angle of view and video is captured on a 12mp CMOS sensor.

Wasp 4KThe back of the camera features a small 1.5” LCD screen which is clear and bright giving you a good indication over the settings adjustments and a preview of any video you’ve taken.

Navigation is through six buttons on the back, two separate buttons on the left and right that switch between modes and activate Wifi and then the other four are styled as up and down buttons. These enable access to the main menu and settings, confirmation of selections and navigating up and down through those settings.

Wasp 4kOn top are the power and direct photo buttons along with a lever style lock that protects the inside of the camera. Releasing the lever can be a little fiddly and once open reveals the 3.7v 1050mAh battery. Remove this and the microSD card contact is revealed. Rather than a slot this is of the mobile sim style with the card being laid onto the contacts and locked in place with a metal cover.

The Wasp 4k is by no means dainty, it looks tough and everything about it so far shows that it is as solid as it looks.

In the next part I’ll take a look at how the Wasp 4K behaves in the field.



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