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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K verdict Review

Veho Muvi 4K Angle

The Veho K2 Pro 4K offers an extensive range of resolutions and frame rates. The headline 4K footage is captured at 15fps in NTSC. Overall balance, exposure and detail is excellent and the footage shows a little over saturation that gives  footage punch. Dynamic range is also impressive with a good amount of shadow and highlight detail. However the 15fps maximum frame rate at this resolution is really highlighted and footage when played back doesn’t look as smooth as some of the latest competition. However take the resolution down to 2.7K at 30fps and the smoothness of the footage rapidly increases and maintains quality. Switching through the other resolutions and frame rates shows that the K2 Pro is a very competent camera and shooting at a resolution of 720p at 120fps enables you to capture some stunning slow motion footage. Speed of exposure correction is a major issue with action cameras and the performance varies greatly between brands. The K2 Pro proves its quality as exposure quickly adjusts as the camera moves from shade to light. Not only does the exposure correct quickly but the Pro 2 also manages to accurately balance the colours. The small lens on the front of the camera captures the world in the usual wide fish-eyed perspective but suffers less from the usual over the top barrel distortion when compared with some of the latest cameras such as the Olympus TG-Tracker. Image quality is good across the frame and looking at the softer detail of the corners there is only the slightest sign of chromatic aberration. No more than you’d expect from this genre of camera. As with the video mode the other modes such as time-lapse, high speed photo and 180 degree rollover are all quickly access through either the app or touch screen and are straightforward and easy to use. Veho know there stuff when it comes to action cameras and provide a variety of models out of the box that are aimed at different users. These cameras all look almost identical and as such all their accessories are cross compatible with each other, so if you do need a waterproof housing then there is one available.

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