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Veho Muvi K2Pro4K verdict Review

Veho Muvi 4K Angle

The K2 Pro 4K is as robust and easy to use as the rest of the Muvi K2 range, if fact there is very little basic difference. The major differences come when the touch screen is added, transforming this camera from a the mid range decent allrounder to one of the easiest to use action cameras on the market alongside the Olympus TG-tracker. Build quality, hard case and decent selection of accessories provides anyone new to action cameras with a good foundation at a very good price. In use the touch screen and live view are great for composition. This is especially handy as this action camera has a far narrower field of view at 100 degrees than when compared with the majority of other action cameras. This lesser perspective on the world is a welcome change and helps to avoid the over the top fish-eye that has recently got more extreme with cameras breaking the 200 degree point. Video quality at all settings is rich and well detailed. However at 4K although the quality of footage is good the jerky playback of action is an issue. Using the camera at 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps produces some impressive results at a quality that is close to, but not quite as good as the GoPro Hero 4 Black. The Muvi K2 Pro 4K offers a great value camera with plenty of features and high build quality. The ease of use matches that of the Olympus TG tracker making it an ideal choice for families while removing the LCD screen makes a small compact camera that is ideal for quickly mounting on person or bike. The Veho Muvi K2 Pro 4K follows in the tried and tested style and design of previous Muvi cameras. It’s solid, works exceptionally well and is, most importantly, easy to use. The package contains a good quantity of mounts to get you started and the hard case is handy for storing the camera when transporting and not in use. The performance of the 4K is a little disappointing and although the visual quality of footage is excellent the slightly jerky footage is a let down. At the important resolution of 1080p at 60 and 30fps the quality of footage is excellent and makes this a great all round camera that can easily adapt to almost any level of user and activity. JUMP TO Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review Veho Muvi K2Pro4K review in use


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