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HOW TO... use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode

How to use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode

What you'll learn

  • How to use the Fujifilm X-Pro3's Mulitple Exposure mode
  • How to set the merge modes
  • What the merge modes do

What you'll need

  • Fujifilm X-Pro3

Fujifilm introduced a flexible multiple exposure feature with the X-Pro3. This allows you to shoot and combine up to nine images using one of four merging styles, Additive, Average, Bright and Dark.

In Additive mode the image brightness increases with each successive exposure whereas with Average, the camera produces a balanced exposure. In Bright mode, after the first shot is captured, only the brighter areas in successive images are recorded. Conversely in Dark mode, darker areas overlay the first image.

Helpfully, you can see the first image and the result of adding successive images on the screen or in the viewfinder as you shoot. This means you can align objects within your images and assess the impact of different scenes.

We’re hoping that Fujifilm will roll out this improved Multiple Exposure feature to other cameras like the X-T3 and X-T30 with a firmware update. The company has a history of adding new features to existing cameras, but we haven’t had confirmation yet.

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01 Set the Drive Mode

Press the Drive mode button and navigate down to Multiple Exposure and press OK/Menu to confirm.

How to use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode

02 Shooting Settings

Press OK/Menu again and scroll to the second page of the Shooting Settings section (camera icon) of the menu.

How to use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode

03 Multiple Exposure Control

Select Multiple Exposure Control (CTRL) and press OK or navigate right

04 Select the Merge Mode

Select Auto and press OK or navigate right and then Select the merge mode that you wish to use (Additive, Average, Bright or Dark) and press OK/Menu to confirm.

05 Compose and Shoot

The camera is now set up to capture up to nine images in one file. The on-screen display shows how many images of the nine have been captured so far. Compose your first image and set the exposure settings that you want to use before pressing the shutter release. If you’re happy with the image, press OK/Menu to confirm. If you’re not, press the left navigation button to reshoot it or press Back to exit.

06 Compose and Shoot the Next Image

Compose the next shot and set your desired exposure settings. You can see a preview of the merged effecting the electronic viewfinder or on the main screen. When you’re happy, press the shutter release to capture the image.

Continue to capture images until you get the result you want or your reach the 9-image maximum.

07 Finish

If you want to combine fewer than 9 images, press ‘Back’ to exit and save your composite. When you reach the 9-image maximum, press OK/Menu to finish.

How to use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode
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How to use the Fujifilm Multiple Exposure Mode
Fujifilm introduced a new 9-shot multiple exposure mode with the X-Pro3, this post explains everything you need to know to use it
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Alain Lafleche
Alain Lafleche
1 year ago

Hi, every time you take a picture you see a preview, but how come i cannot see the final result in the viewfinder or the lcd ? i have to take the memory card out and look in the computer in jpeg to see the final result. I was not able to do the same in the viewfinder.