News |Sony Enhances Alpha Series with Key Firmware Updatess

Sony Enhances Alpha Series with Key Firmware Updates

Updates improve image authenticity and functionality across Alpha models

Alpha 7 IV 3.0 Firmware

Sony has announced significant firmware updates for its Alpha camera series, including the Alpha 1, Alpha 9 III, Alpha 7S III, and Sony A7 IV 3.0 Firmware. Available from March 28, 2024, these updates focus on enhancing shooting functions, workflow efficiency, and, notably, image authenticity through the Camera Authenticity Solution and C2PA compliance.

The updates aim to address the challenges posed by manipulated and AI-generated imagery, a growing concern in the digital age. Sony’s Camera Authenticity Solution introduces an in-camera digital signature and C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity) format support. These features ensure the authenticity of images, allowing news agencies and professional photographers to verify the source and integrity of their content.

Highlight features of the updates include breathing compensation for cinematic focus changes, improved autofocus and image stabilization, and enhanced connectivity options like USB Type-C and Wi-Fi for streamlined file transfers and remote operations. For video enthusiasts, the updates offer free DCI 4K 24p licenses and advanced recording functions.

The inclusion of Sony’s proprietary technology for image signing at the point of capture creates a ‘digital birth certificate’ for images, maintaining their authenticity through editing and publication. This technology, coupled with an Image Validation Site, provides a robust system for verifying the authenticity of content, even after edits, aligning with industry standards for content provenance.


Links to the Alpha 1, Alpha 9 III, Alpha 7S III, and Sony A7 IV 3.0 firmware updates can be found below:

Alpha 1 2.0 Firmware

The firmware update enhances camera functionality with mobile app support, improved shooting and playback, increased FTP transfer capabilities, and security improvements. Key features include the Creators’ App for image transfer and remote shooting, Monitor & Control app for video and camera control, Relay Playback, Breathing Compensation, synchronized shutter release, and advanced Image Stabilization. Additionally, it expands image playback filtering, supports Custom Grid Line, and enhances USB streaming and network security, including WPA3-SAE support.

Alpha 7S III 3.0 Firmware

The firmware update introduces mobile application support with the new Creators’ App and Monitor & Control app for enhanced image transfer and camera control. It enhances shooting and playback capabilities with Relay Playback, Breathing Compensation, and DCI 4K 24p recording. The update also increases folder capacity to 9,999 images, adds Timecode input, and supports multiple IPTC Presets and C2PA format. Additionally, it offers network improvements like direct Creators’ Cloud upload, SFTP support, and enhanced security with WPA3-SAE.

Alpha 7 IV 3.0 Firmware

The update enhances network functionality, introducing Network Streaming and direct image upload to the Creators’ Cloud app. It improves operational aspects like increased folder capacity (up to 9,999 images), Wi-Fi signal display, and exposure stability for extended ISO during movie recording. Additionally, it supports the C2PA format and Custom Grid Line feature, with fixes for time code retention and custom key operation issues, enhancing overall camera stability.

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