Sony A9 firmware 5.0 brings Real-Time Tracking, major AF improvements

Best Camera: Sony A9

Sony has issued firmware version 5.0 for the A9, which incorporates new AI-driven AF improvements to the camera’s Eye AF and subject tracking modes.

Sony A9 firmware 5.0 employs the company’s latest AF algorithm to introduce a newly developed, AI-driven Real-time Tracking mode to detect and follow moving subjects in your frame.

The new Real-time Tracking AF mode also delivers a new Real-time Eye AF mode that promises better speed and accuracy when locking onto a subject’s eyes.

The Sony A9 firmware update also allows users to activate Real-time Eye AF by half-pressing the shutter button.

The videos below demonstrate the new Real-time AF modes in action on the Sony A9.

Sony A9 firmware version 5.0 also adds a Fast Hybrid AF mode for video, which promises more accurate focusing in video mode.

Other new features in the new Sony A9 firmware update include revamped My Dial and Custom Key menus, improved tagging and touchpad capabilities and improved image processing for better tones in changing light.

Click here to download the new Sony A9 firmware.