News |Skylum teases AI Sky Replacement update with water reflections

Skylum teases AI Sky Replacement update with water reflections

Skylum teases AI Sky Replacement update with water reflections

Skylum has released images for a new update to its AI Sky Replacement tool for Luminar that adds reflections to your scenes.

Due for release in an update to Luminar in 2021, the AI Sky Replacement tool will soon not only replace your sky but reflect it in the water within your scene.

The updated tool will work by replacing the sky and then relighting your whole scene. The software update will trigger Luminar AI to detect when there is water in a scene when you replace a sky. Skylum says:

With SkyAI, you’ll be able to have your replaced sky reflect on the water automatically. That means no more duplicating your scene, flipping it and applying a bunch of masking to make it look realistic. Instead, LuminarAI does the hard work for you, whether you’re working on that photo in front of a mystical castle you saw on vacation, or when you were at the beach hoping for a beautiful sunset. SkyAI will ensure that any water in your scene has your replaced sky reflected.

And just like your main sky, your reflected sky will adapt to your relight settings, and be blurred into the scene without any manual work from you. If you need to dial it in a bit more, you can adjust the levels of the reflection. You can even bring in things like water ripples to show some motion in your scene.

The best part? All the details in your scene stay in your scene. Ducks, leaves, beach toys … they’re all there right where they should be. SkyAI works around your scene’s objects, automatically recognizing small details to make for a hyper-realistic view — just the way you’d envisioned.

Skylum says the 2021 update will also bring the ability to browse your library of skies in a thumbnail view.


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Al Wilson
Al Wilson
1 year ago

OK, sounds great and is the main thing I’ve been waiting for, but WHEN is it coming. Just saying 2021 is a bit too vague.