Rotolight launches Titan X2 cinema light

Rotolight launches Titan X2 cinema light

Rotolight has announced the Titan X2 LED cinema light, which promises to provide enough power to adapt to any lighting situation and be flicker-free.

Rotolight’s Titan X2 LED can provide light across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000K to 10,000K. And Rotolight says the Titan is ‘entirely flicker-free at any shutter angle or intensity.’

The Titan X2 incorporates Rotolight’s new SmartSoft technology, which allows users to adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread, thus eliminating the need for gels.

What’s more, SmartSoft can be adjusted locally on the Titan X2, wirelessly or via DMX.

Rotolight says it has also given the Titan a reinforced touchscreen LCD with a streamlined menu system for easier navigation. Key features can be accessed via icons on the home screen, and there are also 10 customisable presets.

Even more intriguing, the Titan X2’s display is full colour and can provide on-screen previews of its filter library to help users eliminate the trial and error often involved in achieving the colours they want.

Skin tones are enhanced with the Titan X2’s new PentaChromic Colour Engine, and the LED accesses a colour palette of more than 16.7 million colours, all of which are accessible across five lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, XY and Filter (which includes a library of more than 1300 industry standard gels).

Other features include High Speed Sync flash (1/8000th) and an integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver so that up to ten Titan X2’s can be wirelessly triggered at up to 656ft (200m) with the Rotolight HSS transmitter.

The Rotolight Titan X2 price tag and release date were not available at the time of writing.

You can buy Rotolight products at Adorama and Wex Photo Video.