News |Rode Wireless Pro price, specs announceds

Rode Wireless Pro price, specs announced

Rode Wireless Pro price, specs announced

The Rode Wireless Pro builds on the Rode Wireless Go and Wireless Go II, which broke new ground as incredibly easy-to-use compact wireless microphone systems. The Wireless Pro adds 32-bit float on-board recording and advanced timecode capability to the same compact form.

It’s a dual-channel system that is supplied with two transmitters and a receiver using Rode’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission and proprietary near-zero latency codec with 128-bit encryption for clearer, more stable audio across distances of up to 260m (850 ft).

The transmitters have clips built in along with broadcast-quality omnidirectional microphones. The system also uses 3.5mm TRS and digital USB-C outputs to make it compatible with cameras, smartphones and tablets, computers, and other audio devices.

Thanks to the onboard 32-bit float capability and 32GB of internal memory, audio can be recorded directly to the transmitters without clipping, giving a clean backup lasting over 40 hours. It also eliminates the need to set gain levels before recording

Naturally, it’s also possible to record the audio to a camera. Rode’s GainAssist technology (first introduced with the Wireless ME) is on hand to control audio levels automatically to give balanced results with minimal clipping.

In addition, the 30dB gain range enables users to tailor the microphones’ output to their camera, but there are also pre-configured camera presets for easy setup.

The Wireless Pro also has a safety channel that outputs audio at 10dB lower than the primary channel in case the sound becomes too loud.

The Rose Wireless Pro is designed to remove the guesswork from recording and enable greater creative freedom.

Advanced timecode sync

The Wireless Pro’s 32-bit float on-board recording feature is complemented by advanced timecode sync capabilities that makes it easy to synchronise audio to video in post-production without complex and expensive external timecode systems.

According to Rode, the Wireless Pro’s internal timecode generator seamlessly synchronises audio with any camera. It can be set up on a computer or smartphone via Rode Central, the companion app.

While the Wireless Pro transmitters have microphones built-in, they also have 3.5mm lavalier ports with locking connectors.

Additionally, the receiver has a 3.5mm output that can function as a headphone port to enable audio monitoring. It can also be used to connect a TRRS microphone, such as a lavalier.

Rode Central can also be used to set up merged or split recording modes, marker dropping and button customisation. And as the app works on a computer or a smartphone, the system can be set up anywhere.


The Rode Wireless Pro is supplied with an intelligent charge case, to protect and charge the transmitters and receiver when in transit. It can also enable ultra-fast transfer of the onboard recordings to a computer.

The kit also includes two Lavalier II microphones, two MagClip Go magnetic clips, three furry windshields, all necessary cables for connecting to cameras, phones and other devices, and a case for keeping these accessories safe.

Rode Wireless Pro price

The Rode Wireless Pro price is $399.

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