News |Zhiyun MOLUS B-Series COB lighting announceds

Zhiyun MOLUS B-Series COB lighting announced

High-power, versatile COB lights for professional setups


Zhiyun has unveiled its MOLUS B100/B200/B300/B500 series, a collection of high-power COB lights designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional photography and videography. The series ranges from 100W to 500W, catering to various studio and outdoor requirements. These lights are distinguished by their superior brightness and flexibility, ensuring that users can achieve the perfect lighting for any scene.

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Key features of the MOLUS B-Series include adjustable brightness settings, which provide precise control over lighting effects, and a robust build quality that promises durability and reliability in different environments. Each model in the series is designed to integrate seamlessly with Zhiyun’s ecosystem, enhancing compatibility with other devices and accessories.

The series also emphasizes ease of use with features like quick setup and user-friendly interfaces, making it ideal for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to studio lighting. The high-output COB (Chip on Board) technology ensures that these lights not only provide powerful illumination but also maintain color fidelity, which is crucial for high-quality visual productions.

Whether for film production, photography shoots, or broadcasting, the Zhiyun MOLUS B-Series stands out as a top choice for creators seeking reliability and performance in their lighting equipment.

For more detailed specifications and purchasing options, visit the Zhiyun website at Zhiyun’s Official Site.

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