News |Ricoh updates Theta V roadmap, adds new features

Ricoh updates Theta V roadmap, adds new features

Ricoh Theta V Review

Ricoh has released a new firmware update for the Theta V, as well as revised its roadmap for its flagship 360 camera.

The Ricoh Theta V firmware update version 1.20.1 corrects a number off issues with shake and fringing, and improves the camera’s spatial audio. The update includes:

  • A function to correct rotational shake when shooting video.(When transferring to a smartphone with zenith correction turned on)
  • Subject shake when shooting video has been reduced.
  • Noise may increase depending on the shooting conditions.
  • Purple fringing has been reduced.
  • Resolved the problem that weakened the spatial audio effect when recording with the 3D microphone (TA-1).
  • Changed the default time until auto-shutdown from 48 hours to 18 hours.

Ricoh also says that the firmware upgrade for the wireless LAN client mode that was scheduled for 2017 has been postponed until spring 2018.

Ricoh updates Theta V roadmap, adds new features

Ricoh has also updated its product roadmap for the Theta V, indicating plans roll out a number of new product features, apps and plug-ins over the course of the next year.

Among these planned updates include adding an auto face recognition and blur shooting, a plug-in developers mode, time-lapse video shooting.

Click here to download the firmware.

Via Pentax Rumors

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