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Is a Ricoh Theta V coming soon?

Ricoh Theta 360 4K listed

Ricoh has registered a Theta V camera with an Indonesian telecommunications agency, according to reports.

Pentax Rumors has published a screen shot from Indonesian telecommunications agency POSTEL which shows Ricoh registering the name Ricoh Theta V on 28 July 2017. Its listing is labeled as Draft.

Pentax Rumors states that official announcements typically follow about two to three months after such registrations.

No Ricoh Theta V specs or any other details about the camera are known, but one could assume a Theta V will be a 360 camera like the other Ricoh Theta models, and probably 4K as well.

Back in April Ricoh announced the development of a new 4K 360 camera to replace its Theta S, launched last year.

Few details about this camera have been provided, but we do know that the new Ricoh Theta 360° 4K camera aims to improve on the Theta S with 4K live streaming capability and a built-in 4-channel microphone that can record spatial audio to link to 360° videos.

We also know that it will feature an Android-based operating system, making it possible to expand functionality.

Ricoh has suggested it will launch its new 360 camera later this year, so the timing Pentax Rumors has stated would fit. Could the Ricoh Theta V be the company’s new 4K 360 camera?

We’ll update this post as we learn more.

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