Reviews |Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 Review

Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 Review

Peak design Camera Cubes V2 review

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$49.95 / £54.99 / $59.95 / £59.99 / $64.95 / £79.99 / $84.95 / £99.99 / $104.95

Our Verdict

The Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 give excellent protection to camera gear and they’re a great way to turn a regular bag into a camera bag. As is often the case with a modular system, you don’t get quite as quick access to your kit as you do with a dedicated camera bag, but the extra versatility is a bonus. It’s great to see such a wide range of sizes as there’s always one for whatever you need to carry.


  • Well made
  • Excellent dividers
  • Good range of sizes


  • Clips are fiddly to fit
  • Finger-loops would be nice on the zip-pulls

What are the Peak Design Camera Cubes?

In 2018 Peak Design launched its Camera Cubes to transform its travel bag line-up into camera bags – or at least into bags that can carry camera kit safely. At that time there were three Camera Cube sizes, but now the company has introduced two more sizes, X-Small and SMedium, taking the count to five with capacities running from 3.5L (X-Small) to 20L (Large).

Peak Design Camera Cube V2 price

Peak Design’s Camera Cube V2’s are available in fives sizes with prices as follows:

X-Small $49.95 / £44.99
Small $59.95 / £54.99
SMedium $64.95 / £59.99
Medium $84.95 / £79.99
Large $104.95 / £99.99

They are on sale now.


  • Product type: Bag inserts for camera gear
  • X-Small dimensions (L x W x H), volume : 23x12x15cm, 3.5L
  • Small dimensions (L x W x H), volume : 31x15x15cm, 6L
  • SMedium dimensions (L x W x H), volume : 31×23.5x15cm, 10L
  • Medium dimensions (L x W x H), volume : 31x31x15cm, 13L
  • Large dimensions (L x W x H), volume : 45x31x15cm, 20L


In essence, the Peak Design Camera Cubes are simple, they’re padded bag inserts in five capacities that are designed to hold camera gear. They come with a selection of dividers that can be moved around the inside and held with Velcro, and they each have a lid that closes with a zip.

The number and type of dividers that come with each Cube depends upon its size. The X-Small (23x12x15cm, 3.5L) comes with two X-Small divers that enable it to be split into three while the Large (45x31x15cm, 20L) comes with two X-Large dividers (new), two Small Shelf Dividers, two Small Dividers, four X-Small Dividers and one Detachable Pocket. The X-Small Camera Cube V2 is the only Cube that doesn’t come with a Detachable Pocket or a Small Shelf Divider.

Each Camera Cube has a zip-close lid with foam that is pre-bent so that it folds easily back down the side and under the Cube. If you prefer it to be more stream-lined, the foam can be removed from the lid.

Peak Design has upgraded the interior fabric in comparison with the original camera Cubes and enhanced the weatherproof zips around the lid. It’s also added webbing around the top edge of the sides of the Cubes to create handles around their circumference.

The Detachable Pocket is a very useful inclusion. It’s ideal for holding items like batteries, lens caps or the odd filter, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t seal closed at the top, so some smaller items may work their way out when the bag is carried.

When the lid of a Camera Cube is bent back and tucked underneath the Cube, you get access to a useful slim pocket along its hinge.

Build and handling

Peak Design has a great reputation for the build quality of its products and the Camera Cubes V2 fit right in. The outer walls, for instance, are well-padded with dense foam without bulk. The zips are also of very good quality, but I would have liked to have seen finger loops on the pulls to make them easier to close when you’ve stuffed the Cube to the max.

The Dividers are also excellent. Again, the foam inside them is dense rather than bulky so your kit is protected but there’s still plenty of room for storage. The Small Shelf Dividers are useful for holding small items, or when two are positioned opposite each other, they form a shelf so items can be stacked.

Indentations along the Dividers make it easy to bend them to fit around whatever is being stored, and they have Velcro tabs at either end as well as along their bottom edge to keep them fixed inside the Cube. The edges and bottom of the Cubes’ interiors are lined with fabric that the Velcro holds on to well.

The Medium and Large Camera Cubes v2 also have zip-closed side openings that can align with the side opening on the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L.

However, there isn’t a pouch or pocket in the Backpack to hold the  lid of the Camera Cube opening so it’s not an especially neat solution for accessing your kit quickly. Perhaps that will come when Peak Design refreshes its Travel Backpacks?

Clips are provided to hold the Camera Cubes in a Peak Design bag, but they are fiddly to fit. This isn’t a major issue if you are planning to keep the Cube in a bag for a long period of time, but if you want to swap between using the bag for carrying camera gear and as a regular bag, it’s a pain. In most instances, I don’t bother using the clips.


The X-Small Camera Cube V2 can accommodate three small lenses or a 24-70mm f/2.8, while the Small can fit a camera and a couple of lenses, or a 70-200mm f/2.8 with a teleconverter. They’re useful Cubes if you want to slip some kit in with other belongings in a large bag.

The SMedium is capable of holding a large camera with a 70-200mm f/2.8 mounted and around 2-4 other lenses.

The Medium and Large Camera Cubes, however are much more substantial and can really transform a bag into a camera bag. The Medium occupies about half the space in the Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L while the Large fills it completely and the expansion zips have to be open for the main compartment to close. The Large Cube also fills the 45L Travel Backpack but there’s more wriggle room.

The Large Cube can house a double-grip full-frame with a 70-200mm f/2.8 mounted, along with three or four other lenses and a few accessories.

I found there was room to fit the Nikon Z8 with the Nikon Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR attached with space for a clutch of other lenses including a 24-70mm f/8. As always, the number of lenses really depends upon their focal length and aperture, but there’s plenty of space in the Large Cube.


The Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 are a great option for turning a standard bag into one that can carry camera gear safely. They work especially well with Peak Design’s Travel Bags, particularly the Travel Baackpacks, as they are sized appropriately and fit in neatly.

The clips that hold the Camera Cubes in a Peak Design bag are fiddly to use and consequently, I rarely bother with them. They also slow the process of converting the bag from a regular travel bag to a camera bag and back, which defeats the object a little.