News |Profoto announces Clic Softbox Octa

Profoto announces Clic Softbox Octa

A magnetic pop-up softbox for Profoto A-series flash

Profoto Clic Softbox Octa

Profoto has announced the Clic Softbox Octa, a pop-up softbox that attaches magnetically to its A-series flash units and is designed to create soft, flattering light for portraits and still life or product photography.

The Profoto Clic Softboax Oct folds flat and comes with a soft bag for carrying, but it can be unfolded in just a few seconds and then popped onto a Profoto A-series flash like the Profoto A10.

Profoto Clic Softbox Octa

The Profoto A-series flash units are Profoto’s smallest lights, basically flashguns, they’re designed to be used in the camera’s hotshoe or off-camera using a wireless trigger such as the Profoto Connnect or another flash unit. They have magnets around their heads which enables Clic light-shaping tools to be snapped on and off.

Resembling a studio softbox and measuring 60cm across its front, the Clic Softbox Octa is designed for use when the A-series flash is off-camera. It has a handle that doubles as a light stand mount, which means it can be used hand-held or mount on a stand depending on how the photographer is working.

Profoto Clic Softbox Octa

Profoto has also announced a grid that can fit across the softbox to create more directional soft light.

Profoto Clic Softbox Octa price and availability

The Profoto Clic Softbox Octa is available immediately for £259.00 and the Clic SoftGrid Octa will retail for £110.


  • Product type: Portable softbox
  • Compatibility: Profoto A-series flash
  • Softbox size: 60cm / 23.6 inches
  • Width: 16.5cm / 6.5inches
  • Height: 6.5cm / 2.56inches
  • Length: 53.5cm / 21inches
  • Weight: 0.85Kg / 1.87lb

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