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PortraitPro v24 released

The latest version of the portrait enhancement software aims to make things a little more natural

PortraitPro v24 news

Anthropics Technology has launched the latest update to PortraitPro v24. This release focuses on enhancements to AI tools and more traditional adjustment features. As always, the tool is a great solution for both enthusiasts and pro photographers looking to enhance portrait photographs quickly.

PortraitPro v24 enhances many of the existing features; such as the skin smoothing that can now be applied more naturally and help to preserve natural skin texture, to ensure that the model’s face remains realistic while eliminating unwanted blemishes. The software also boosts its facial recognition technology, and while past iterations have been exceptionally good at identifying facial features, this new issue is even more accurate and enables you to make adjustments such as sculpting, lighting, and makeup application – again, the main theme here is to make the application of effects more realistic.

Another improved feature is the hair editing tool, which enables more adjustment over detailed hair colouring, thickening, and styling. Another nice feature that has been updated is the background replacement feature, which adds a great selection of scenic backdrops that can be quickly added to your images.

Alongside the main enhancements, the library of filters and effects has also been boosted and now includes lighting setups, lens distortion corrections, and texture overlays.

PortraitPro v24 has also been tuned for professionals. It enhances workflow processes with batch processing, enabling the editing of multiple portraits simultaneously while maintaining consistent quality across all images. The software is also integrated with existing editing suites like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Priced at £99.95 ($129.95), PortraitPro v24 is available for both Windows and macOS platforms, offering a versatile toolset for photographers seeking to elevate their portrait photography.

For more information and to purchase the software, visit the official Anthropics website at Anthropics PortraitPro v24.

Price: £99.95 ($129.95)

Anthropics PortraitPro v24

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