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Peak Design Cuff V3 review

Peak Design Cuff V3 review

Peak Design’s Cuff comes in two colours – Ash and Black and is designed to use as a wrist-carrying camera strap. The wrist loop magnetically locks in the open position or cinches down on your wrist for added security. The loop also locks down on your wrist if you accidentally drop your camera. As with the Leash, the Cuff uses an Anchor cord that can hold 200lbs (90kg).


The Cuff is 3.8” (9.7cm) when open and cinches down to 1.75” (4.5cm) when closed at its smallest setting. Cuff is made of nylon webbing, aluminium adjuster hardware and leather accents. It also a magnetic clasp set into it so that you can fold it over and wear as a bracelet when it’s not in use.

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Cuff is a really cool piece of kit. I know so many photographers who’ve had accidental drops of their cameras and this simple piece of equipment can save you from a very expensive error! It’s a well thought out piece of kit and comfortable to wear round the wrist. The design of the Anchor cord also means that you don’t feel the weight of your camera dragging on your wrist.

Do note though that the Cuff can be a little stiff to lock into place and cinch when you first use it. So it’s worth opening and closing it a few times before you attach it to your camera. Apart from that though, I really can’t say enough in praise of this product – such a simple idea, but such a useful piece of kit!

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