News |Panasonic rolls out GH5 firmware 2.0 update

Panasonic rolls out GH5 firmware 2.0 update

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Panasonic has officially released firmware update Version 2.0 for the GH5, announced in August and which adds a slew of new advanced video features aimed at professionals.

As far as firmware updates go, Panasonic’s GH5 firmware Version 2.0 is a doozy, adding more improvements than most camera upgrades.

Chief among the new features added with GH5 firmware version 2.0 is the addition of a 4:2:2,10bit ALL-Intra video recording mode to the GH5’s 4K/FHD video recording.

It also adds a High-resolution Anamorphic mode, which enables video recording 18 mega effective pixels.

New High-Resolution Anamorphic Mode

VideoSystem FrequencySizeFrame RateBit RateYUV/bitImage Compression
6K/A/200M/30p59.94Hz4992x374429.97p200 Mbps4:2:0/10 bitLong GOP
6K/A/200M/24p(NTSC)4992x374423.98p200 Mbps4:2:0/10 bitLong GOP
4K/A/400M/30p3328x249623.98p400 Mbps4:2:2/10 bitALL-Intra
4K/A/400M/24p3328x249623.98p400 Mbps4:2:2/10 bitALL-Intra
6K/A/200M/25p50.00Hz4992x374425.00p200 Mbps4:2:0/10 bitLong GOP
4K/A/400M/25p(PAL)3328x249625.00p400 Mbps4:2:2/10 bitALL-Intra
6K/A/200M/24p24.00Hz4992x374424.00p200 Mbps4:2:0/10 bitLong GOP
4K/A/400M/24p(CINEMA)3328x249624.00p400 Mbps4:2:2/10 bitALL-Intra

Panasonic’s GH5 firmware version 2.0 also adds a number of enhancements to the camera’s autofocus system. In particular, the company says the GH5’s AF system can now better cope with low-contrast subjects in still image mode, while the firmware improves the AF tracking in video recording.

Other AF enhancements include:

  • The customised AF area can be continuously displayed in Multi AF and Custom Multi AF during live-view.
  • The AF area in Multi AF can be moved to the other edge (side, top or bottom) when it reaches one edge.
  • The start point of AF lock can be set on the live view screen in advance of AF Tracking.
  • The AF area can be moved while the shutter button is half-pressed or while recording in Burst Mode, 6K PHOTO and 4K PHOTO modes.

You can download the firmware from Panasonic’s website.

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