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Olympus Live Composite Mode Photowalk Image Gallery

Tower Bridge Traffic trail shot on Olympus Photowalk

Earlier this month I led a group of photographers on a night-time photowalk to demonstrate how to use Olympus Live Composite mode and some of them have kindly provided a few images to create the gallery below.

Before the walk we met at Art Bermondsey Project Space in Bermondsey High Street where I gave a short talk to explain the camera controls and the type of images that we would be shooting. Although most of the participants were experienced photographers, none of them had used Live Composite mode before.

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Once the cameras were all set-up we headed out into the cold, wet night. Our first stop was at a small park where everyone had their first experience of using Olympus Live Composite mode for light painting. We used small coloured LED lights that attach to your fingers with elastic bands to create swirls of light.

After everyone had nailed the camera controls and got a few images, we headed into another larger park where we tried painting a few trees with light from a powerful torch while using the LEDs again to create trails.

Our final port of call was Tower Bridge. By this time the weather was throwing its worst at us with horizontal rain flying straight onto lens elements, a sky full of low murky clouds and strong wind, but everyone gave it their best shot at shooting traffic trails.

The beauty of using Olympus Live Composite mode when shooting traffic trails or light painting is that the brightness of areas like the sky doesn’t change even though the exposure is very long.

It means that you can wait for the trails of light to build up without needing to worry about other areas burning out. The effect is similar to shooting a sequence of images and then blending them in Photoshop using the Lighten Blending mode.

A key advantage to Live Composite mode is that you can see the image building up on the screen during the exposure (or more correctly, exposures). This means you don’t have to guess when you’ve got what you want, you can see it and then close the shutter.

The images below are just a taste of what’s possible.

Olympus Live Composite Mode Photo Walk Images

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