Olympus launches weather-sealed FL-700WR flash, FC-WR Wireless Commander, FR-WR receiver

Olympus camera rumours 2016

Olympus has announced a new weatherproof flash system, which is comprised of the FL-700WR electronic flash (price £329.99), FC-WR Wireless Commander (price £279.99) and FR-WR Wireless Receiver (price £179.99).


The Olympus FL-700WR flash offers a maximum guide number of 42 and is designed for wireless radio wave shooting in any environment.

Full flash power is achieved after charging for 1.5secs, offering sequential flash photography at up to 10fps.

The FL-700WR can communicate at distances up to 30m, even when the flash is behind the subject.

When used as a commander, the FL-700WR can connect to up to three groups with an unlimited number of flash units. User can select which group to fire, as well as the intensity. The FL-700WR can also be used as a flash with built-in receiver.

Other features include a new Multi Flash mode, allowing users to capture subject movement by firing multiple times during long exposures. There’s also an LED light for filming movies.


The Olympus FC-WR Wireless Commander controls multiple flash units remotely from the camera and is also splash-, dust- and freeze-proof like the FL-700WR.

The FC-WR can connect to three groups with an unlimited number of flashguns, and it has independent buttons for each of the three groups (A, B and C) allowing users to configure the settings for each.

The Olympus FR-WR Wireless Receiver is also weatherproof and its sync terminal can be used to connect commercial flash units, such as a monoblock flash, which can then be remotely fired.

The entire flash system will be released in late February, Olympus says.