News |NiSi announced 18mm, 40mm and 135mm Athena Prime Lenses.s

NiSi announced 18mm, 40mm and 135mm Athena Prime Lenses.

NiSi's new trio lenses expand one of the most exciting lens line-ups for years

NiSi Athena 18mm, 40mm and 135mm lenses announced

NiSi Athena Prime lenses, 18mm, 135mm, and 40mm, redefine full-frame mirrorless Cine video with advanced optics.

These lenses join the existing Athena Lens line-up that were launch last year

NiSi’s Athena Prime lenses were one of the highlights at the 2024 Photography Show, and it was the first time that many UK-based photographers and videographers were able to get hands-on with the line-up, and they didn’t fail to impress. Now, NiSi has introduced three new additions to the line-up of cinema lenses with the NiSi 18mm, 135mm, and 40mm Athena Prime lenses, each designed to meet the changing demands of today’s mirrorless videographers and more traditional cinematographers. The lenses each feature a high-quality build with distinctive fluro green markings and optical excellence. The lenses are all available in different lens mount options, but the ones that are really raising interest are those for mirrorless systems, such as the Sony E-Mount, which features a built-in filter holder.

A look at each of the new Athena 18mm, 40mm and 135mm lenses

The first of the new lenses is the 18mm T2.2 Athena Prime lens, which offers a wide-angle perspective. It sits between the existing 14mm and 25mm lenses and will be a perfect choice for shooting opening scenes or tight interior shots. The lens T2.2 aperture will help to ensure excellent low-light performance, enabling you to capture detail even when the lighting is low. As with the entire range of Athena lenses, the 18mm has been engineered for full-frame sensors and is available in an E-mount.

NiSi 135mm T2.2 Athena Prime lens is a telephoto lens designed to offer an intimate field of view and a shallow depth of field with the large T2.2 aperture. This lens is suited for PL mounts and will be a great choice for portraits and close-ups, where detail and bokeh are important. The 135mm focal length enables you to compress space and bring distant subjects closer, helping to add drama to your shots.

NiSi 40mm T1.9 Athena Prime lens. The 40mm is a standard focal length lens between 35mm and 50mm. With its T1.9 aperture, this lens enables you to fine-tune your compositions. Again, designed with PL mount compatibility and a bright aperture, the 40mm is incredibly versatile.

The consistent T-stop across the range ensures uniform exposure and colour reproduction, which is incredibly important when shooting a sequence of shots or switching between lenses on set.

These lenses are extremely well priced: The NiSi 18mm T2.2 costs $1,268, the 135mm T2.2 costs around $1,268, and the 40mm T1.9 costs $1,268.

The NiSi Athena Prime lenses have been designed to meet the demands of today’s videographers who are looking for more compact and lightweight lenses that perfectly complement modern filming rigs. The inclusion of drop-in filters for the E-Mount and other mirrorless mount systems is a huge benefit and part of what makes this lens so exciting. For more information on the lenses, check out the US NiSi site, which has lenses coming to the UK soon.

Discover more at: NiSi Optics USA


  • NiSi 18mm Athena Prime: $1,268
  • NiSi 135mm Athena Prime: $1,268
  • NiSi 40mm Athena Prime: $1,268
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