News |Nikon working on small camera to take on smartphones

Nikon working on small camera to take on smartphones

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Nikon is developing a small camera that it hopes will compete with smartphones, a senior representative from the company has said.

In an interview with the French magazine Chasseurs d’Images, the President of Nikon France Benoit Dieuleuveut has said the company is working on a small camera in a bid to compete with smartphones.

The interview was in print and thus no link available, so we’re relying on a translation of the article provided to Nikon Rumors by a group of its readers.

The interview doesn’t give many more details on the ‘small camera’, but Dieuleuveut does explain that the Coolpix line has been significantly reduced because R&D budget is being applied towards markets with better growth potential.

He also says that Nikon canceled the DL cameras because they were too late to the market at that point to remain competitive.

Dieuleuveut also hints that Nikon could have another surprise under its belt as the company’s 100th anniversary celebrations continue. Nikon Rumors translates his statement: “As for all good celebrations, let us keep the moment of surprise!”

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